Letters to Editor

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Dear Editor:

The board of directors of Hidalgo Medical Services owes it every woman on staff to provide a workplace free from harassment, retaliation and fear.

The board owes the community the best healthcare possible. That can't happen with Dan Otero in charge.

Since I started looking into Otero's many lawsuits, speaking to dozens of people on staff, dozens of former employees, and at least six victims of harassment and retaliation, the board has dug in its heels and stood beside him, saying its investigations found no wrongdoing.

FYSA (For Your Situational Awareness, for the non-military reading this) so you know this is
100% true and valid I could only imagine how difficult it was before the current administration took over.

Analysis from my Medical records via my final physical in Feb 2019, VSO
examining my medical records, and current primary care manager (PCM)
examination 2 May is that I should be 100% VA disabled due to all the
injuries and issues I have associated with my military service.

Here is my VA journey and Military retirement.

To The Editor: Over the past few years the PERA Board has spun out of control and neglected its fiduciary duties. Various news outlets have documented the inability of the Trustees to get down to business and address the serious deficiencies identified with the long-term solvency. Budgets have not been submitted in accordance with State law and correspondence to the Trustees from the State Auditor states “This failure to act to submit the budget by the statutory date was reckless or negligent, or both, and coupled with the Board’s lack of focus on its fiduciary responsibilities puts retirees and future generations of retirees at risk. The Board’s behavior is unacceptable and harms the fund’s membership.”

Dear Literacy Link – Leamos Supporter and Editor,

Our most important funder and partner, the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy, is once again under threat from the New Mexico Higher Education Department. This probably sounds strange to you if you haven’t been following the politics of funding for small community-based literacy programs, or the machinations in Santa Fe.

Over July 4th weekend, the Higher Education Department’s Adult Education division sent an email to selected New Mexico college-based Adult Basic Ed providers, inviting them to bid on the contract currently held by the NM Coalition for Literacy. The Executive Director of the NMCL was sent this email by a whistle-blower who recognized that this action is not just unethical, but illegal. State agencies must follow established policies and procedures related to putting current contracts out for bid, and these were bypassed. The NMCL’s contract is still in force, and in fact the Coalition is the middle of contract amendments with the State HED for 2019-20.

Who won? The same people that always win and have won for the past one hundred years. The ranchers and the federal Wildlife Services. The vote was three to one by Grant County Commissioners Thursday morning. A fifth Commissioner, Harry Browne, was absent.

For two weeks Grant County was the second New Mexico County to ban Wildlife Services use of leg-hold traps and M-44s. Today the Wildlife Services’ agent has all his tools back in his wildlife killing box. Twelve people spoke up in public input, four for continuing Wildlife Services for their ranches and eight residents spoke up for ending the public tax-payer funded Wildlife Services.

Glenn Griffin
Silver City, NM

As an insurance broker certified to sell beWellnm plans on the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, I can personally attest to the importance of the existence of the Exchange in our state. Many people may not realize that the Exchange is far more than a website, it is an extensive organization of counselors, navigators, agents and brokers, community leaders, insurance carriers, and more, who are working together to reduce the uninsured rate and make sure that nobody is denied access to care because they don’t have adequate coverage.

When the Exchange was first launched, there were many hurdles to overcome and the ride was bumpy for every state across the country. Those challenges have been repeatedly discussed and learned from. Some states adapted and adjusted more quickly than others, including New Mexico.

The well worn and trite statement, “You can’t fix stupid.” Aptly describes how the political machinery in America treats Illegal Immigration on the surface. Do not be deceived.

There is no humanitarian crisis at the border. There is asymmetrical warfare being waged against America at her borders and it is a Communist inspired program to bring America to her knees.

Dear Grant County Beat Editor:

In a recent column, Mike Rowse wrote that “a few” of the members of the USA women's World Cup soccer team failed to give proper respect during the playing of our national anthem.

According to all the media reports I've seen on this subject, and pictures of the team during the playing of the national anthem, only one player didn't show respect to the national anthem by putting their hand over their heart and facing the flag-team captain Megan Rapinoe. Videos of the event also show all the players, save for Rapinoe, singing along.