Letters to Editor

This category will hold letters to the editor, as requested by at least one Beat reader. This editor agrees that letters to the editor should be separate from editorials. Letters to the editor may not reflect the opinions of the editor.

Dear Editor,

First promise broken. It appears the new campaign style and message of southern New Mexico progressive democrats can be summed up with Congresswoman elect Xochitl Torres Small first vote. We watched hundreds upon hundreds of campaign ads where Congresswoman-elect Torres Small touted her moderate views. She also promised us she would be an independent voice for our district. While campaigning, Torres Small told us she wasn’t sure if she could support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, but it only took her 10 days to vote for her instead of voting with the 32 moderate democrats who opposed Pelosi for speaker.

Dear Editor:

My wife and I were long-time residents of Grant County and voted at our precincts like we were supposed to do as well as absentee while living out of state or out of Country (which is not an easy chore when living elsewhere). However, I checked the NM Secretary of State's page and found many discrepancies in my voter history. I have e-mailed them twice now, once in 2016 and again just recently to try to get an explanation of these discrepancies but have gotten nothing but the courtesy "we have received your e-mail."

So, for starters, I moved away in 1999 coming back into the USMC and tried to do my civic duty by voting whether in person or via absentee. As a conservative-minded individual and since I swore an oath to defend the Constitution, it is also my responsibility.

However, when I looked on the Secretary of State's page at my voting history I was surprised at what I found.

Dear Editor,
In response to Shelby Hallmark’s letter on Friday, November 2, in the Silver City Daily Press, please know that the Grant County Republican Women are not responsible for the content of the Lee Cotter/Rudy Martinez ad. I gave the newspaper some materials and requested that they ensure that I was given a draft of the ad to edit before the ad was published. I agree that most of the published ad’s content pertained more to federal issues than state. I hope that this has not hurt Mr. Cotter’s chances, as he is reliable, honest, and has not lined his pockets when serving at the Round House, as other candidates have.

Letter to the Editor:

In response to Janet Colville’s letter to the editor on October 30, Yes, Pro-Choice IS ABORTION! IT IS THE NEGATIVE CHOICE OF ENDING A CHILD’S LIFE (MURDER).

Planned Parenthood is about ending an unborn child’s life, even before having a chance at life. That was the intention of Planned Parenthood’s founder MARGARET SANGER. Ms. Colville, you are not very well informed. Abortion is legal and that is morally wrong, read Genesis in your Bible.

Dear Editor:

My Democrat opponent is trying to buy your vote with his promise of lowering your electric bill by 50%. Your common sense tells you this cannot happen.

His political Action Committee is spreading lies about me to scare you into voting for him.  Do not believe what they are saying. 

You need to know, I do not make promises I can’t keep and I would never stoop so low as to trick you out of your most precious resource “Your Vote.”

Dr. Gavin Clarkson is the best choice for all New Mexicans,
both on and off-reservation

Dear Editor:


My name is Sanda Jeff, a citizen of both New Mexico and the Navajo Nation. As a Democrat, I represented New Mexico House District 5 from 2008-2014, and I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Gavin Clarkson, an enrolled tribal member, for New Mexico Secretary of State.

During the 2014 legislative session, I opposed legislation economically harmful for rural New Mexicans. Vice President Biden supported my principled position based on my district’s demographics.

Dear Editor,

My opponent and I agree on one thing: misinformation does spread like wildfire during election season.

My opponent, Karen Whitlock, and I have attended several public forums and debates together during the past few weeks. To the best of my recollection, she never directly stated her support for the oil and gas industry or mining as a strong economic driver for New Mexico moving forward. I have not made any claims as to where she stands about the industry.

Dear editor, 10/21/2018

While researching the candidates for NM House district 38, I came across a post that Rebecca Dow shared on her Facebook page from “truthinaccounting.org”. This group is associated with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) whose sole purpose is to write legislation to benefit its corporate donors. Legislation from them is for the purpose of taking more of working people’s money and funneling it to those wealthy corporations all the while saying it’s to help those of us struggling to make ends meet. The post I saw was talking about the tax “burden” that New Mexican’s have. By framing tax as a “burden”, they want us to think all taxes are bad (and perhaps we should lower THEIR taxes). Is calling the Sheriff or the Fire Department in an emergency is a “burden”? Is driving on smooth paved roads a “burden”? Is the education of our children a “burden”? Is having clean tap water at the twist of a knob in our homes a burden?