Letters to Editor

This category will hold letters to the editor, as requested by at least one Beat reader. This editor agrees that letters to the editor should be separate from editorials. Letters to the editor may not reflect the opinions of the editor.

Dear Editor,

As you know, misinformation spreads wild during election. I would like to set the record straight on something the opposition is saying about me. My opponent, Rebecca Dow claimed that I do not support the extractive industries. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I worked for Phelps Dodge (Freeport McMoran’s predecessor) in the Environmental Department for 8 ½ years. I worked in the corporate office for 6 years before I came home to Tyrone for 2 ½ years. I was brought to Grant County by the mines. I returned to Grant County because of the mines. I met my husband at the mines. My husband still works for the mines. In addition, my godfather works at the mine, and my brother-in-law works in the oil and gas industry. Quite simply, I support the mines!

Dear Fellow New Mexicans,

My name is Mary Herrera, and I am a proud Democrat. I served as Secretary of State from 2007 to 2010, and prior to that position, I was elected twice as Bernalillo County Clerk. After I was elected as Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver did not have the votes to assume the office of Bernalillo County Clerk until I gave her my recommendation. I now regret ever recommending her, as both in her current and previous positions, Maggie was and continues to be personally responsible for rampant partisanship and corruption that has harmed New Mexicans and diminished their trust in our elections and institutions.

Without Propane as Winter Approaches:

As thousands of customers in the greater Grant County area have discovered, Ikard-Newsom , one of two of our local propane distributors, has been bought by a company out of Texas named Pinnacle Propane. There have been a number of unknown reasons behind Pinnacle's inability to run their newest retail propane acquisition and the net result of their expansion is a lot of homes are without propane. The poor receptionist at the new Pinnacle has been deluged with calls for propane and she has no answer as to when propane service might start. For some folks the situation is dire. With no warning that Ikard=Newsom was closing customers delayed their purchase because of our wonderful weather of late. But it almost froze at my house last night and it looks it's like a pattern of colder weather is setting in.

Holloman AFB proposes to; Alternative 1 - expand existing Talon Military Operations Area (MOA) and associated Air Traffic Controlled Assigned Airspace (ATCAA) Special Use Airspace (SUA) or Alternative 2 - reconfiguring and expanding the Cato/Smitty MOA and associated ATCAA and/or creating a new Lobos MOA/ATCAA SUA. The Air Force holds the view that “Optimizing Air Force controlled SUA would provide the scheduling flexibility necessary to conduct multiple, simultaneous training missions needed by the aircrews stationed at Holloman AFB, New Mexico to meet the pilot initial qualification training requirements (NOI Federal Register August 25, 2017).” However, is this statement by the US Air Force factual, can Holloman AFB F-16 training be conducted utilizing existing airspace MOAs and associated ATCAA SUAs as identified in the NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Environmental Assessments and resultant Findings of No Significant Impacts?

Through my many years I’ve come to believe that most of our elected officials acquire their office and then ignore those of us who put them there. Over the past few years many constituents and I (members of the New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (NMOHVA.org), a group that advocates for those of us that ride dual-sport motorcycles, ATVs, OHVs and drive jeeps off-highway) have attempted to get a response from numerous State politicians on an issue important to us with no response. I enjoy riding various off-highway vehicles in this wonderful area in which we all live. When I pay the registration fees on my off-highway vehicles the money goes into a fund that New Mexico Game and Fish administers to provide training for young riders as required by law. It also provides grants to assist local municipalities to create spaces to ride in our State and numerous other associated activities.