Monday, Apr. 8

Aggravated assault
Western Drive
Caller advised he just terminated a named male who pulled out a knife on caller/he left in a blue Chevy truck toward Highway 90. Deputy en route to speak with caller.

Truck Bypass
Caller’s belongings were stolen out of this yard.

DV order violation
Truck Bypass
Caller advised his ex is texting him. Deputy called caller on the phone.

Location redacted
Caller advised he just got a threatening phone call from his daughter’s boyfriend, who is very abusive. Caller would also like a welcheck on his daughter.

Unwanted subject
Cripple Creek Road
Caller advised she just got home and found a named female in her home.

Suspicious vehicle
Aztec Avenue – Hurley
Deputy advised units clear/female is learning how to drive a stick shift.

Suspicious vehicle
Deputy advised two people looking at moon that is not out.

Tuesday, Apr. 9

Welfare check
Highway 152 – MM 6
Deputy advised subject advised he just got in from San Diego and pulled over to rest.

Unattended death
Pheasant Drive
Caller advised the male is dead.

2009 Casa Loma Road – Sunrise Estates
Caller advised someone broke into their yard over the weekend.

Welfare check
Aldo Leopold High School
A named female ran from the school again/she left about 15 minutes ago/grandparents were advised. Officers out with female on Highway 180 and Grant.

Missing persons
Walk-in advised last seen April 7 in Albuquerque.

Welfare check
Cottage San Road
Caller received a message from a named female stating she was going to spank a 5-year-old male because he got on the wrong bus. Caller then said to cancel because she does not want them to know it was her that called.

W. Highway 180
A named female was allowed in to a home where caller is house sitting and is now noticing several items are missing.

Welfare check
Chalcopyrite Court – Tyrone
Caller advised he noticed several broken windows at this address that he had not noticed before. Deputy had contact advising the damage was old damage/attempted contact with residents but no one answered the door.

Welfare check
Sanctuary Road – Pinos Altos
Caller has not heard from a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old in a week now/they are with their dad. Deputy attempted contact but no phone number was available.

Breaking and entering
W. Highway 180 – Cliff
A named individual is trespassing and caller advised that person is no longer welcome at this location. Caller wants the individual issued a CTW if found.

Domestic disturbance
Partridge Drive
Female is lying on the hood and won’t let him go. Deputy had contact advising male was transported home/female was advised . . .

Wednesday, Apr. 10

Domestic disturbance
Meadow Hawk Road – Arenas Valley
Caller and her husband are arguing/both are under the influence. Deputy had contact advising with one adult male en route to address off Gold Street.

Welfare check
Arenas Valley Road
In behind the pawnshop caller advised a 25-year-old male needed an ambulance but couldn’t advise why. Upon further questioning, female hung up the phone and wouldn’t answer upon callback. Deputy advised male has stomach pains.

Thursday, Apr. 11

Welfare check
Chukar Drive
Caller stated her children are with their father and he didn’t send them to school/they are 5, 10 and 12-years-of-age. Deputy had contact advising everything is okay/father advised he was unable to take the kids to school in his . . .

Missing persons
Grant County
Reporting friend is missing/possibly in jail or in the area/believes he could be incarcerated in Lincoln County. Made contact with (redacted) with (redacted) (redacted) advised that they are getting ready to release this subject.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Highway 61 – Lower Mimbres
Hoses were cut to backhoe. Per deputy disposed to NMSP.

Weapons fired
Farley Road
Caller advised he heard six shots by his house. Deputy had negative contact with any shots fired but did find shell casings on the back porch.