Monday, July 1, 2019

Game and Fish
11840 E. Highway 180 and Pueblo Drive
Deer that was hit and needs to be put down. Deputy advised one shot fired.

Welfare check
Callecita de Oro
A named male called Santa Fe around 11:37 a.m. and said he was going to blow his brains out. Deputy had contact with male advising he is okay/headed back to district.

Welfare check
Pheasant Drive
Caller advised when she called a named female a named male answered and threatened caller/he has been harassing the female at work. Deputy had contact advising everything is okay/male is not even there at this time/advised to call if he shows up.

Injuring/tampering with motor vehicle
Iglesia Street – Hanover – 8:40 p.m.
Caller advised that two tires on her vehicle have been slashed. Second caller advised the subjects are not supposed to be there/judge told him he needed to call when she was being mean. Deputies out on scene/clear.

Welfare check
Radio Tower Road
Caller advised he and his girlfriend are stuck in the mud on Radio Tower Road. Deputy advised tow company is going to tow his vehicle to the yard.

Suspicious vehicle
11988 Highway 180
Deputy advised to send EMS for 25-year-old female with severe abdominal pain.

Tuesday, July 2

Intoxicated persons
Iglesia Street – Hanover – 2:50 a.m.
Caller advising that a named female is intoxicated and not letting him go back to his house/he lives there but she doesn’t let him go home.

Mountain View Drive
Caller advised someone used her account to purchase items/will come in tomorrow to file a report.

Vehicle burglary
Bonita Drive – Silver Acres
(Redacted) stole money out of his vehicle a few hours ago.

Arenas Valley Road
Caller advised (redacted) threw a large rock at the window of his pickup.

DV order violation
Gold Rush Road – Santa Rita
Caller advised she just returned home and her husband is there and he’s not supposed to be/he chased her off the property and told her it was his place now. Second party advised that a named female is parked outside the house honking and refusing to leave.

Wednesday, July 3

Unwanted subject
Cottonwood Road
Caller advised that a friend called saying there is a blue Yaris in the driveway and two named individuals are possibly the people there. Second caller advising that a named female and a male are at her residence who are not supposed to be there/she is out of town but those subjects need to be removed.

Criminal trespass warning
Mathers Road – Arenas Valley
Deputy advised CTW has been issued to trailer park off of Racetrack Road.

Suspicious vehicle
Caller advised her neighbors are out of town and a white Ford pickup is parked at their house. Deputy had contact with homeowner who advised everything is okay.

Reckless driver
Highway 180 – MM 143 (1 mile north of rest area)
Hurley PD officer standing by at Gateway/made contact with reported vehicle/reckless driving.

Recovered stolen vehicle
No report.

Reckless driver
Highway 180 – Caddel Crossing
Deputy advised out with this vehicle at Highway 180/Walmart – will follow and see how they drive.

Welfare check
Rosedale Road @ Albertson’s
Several homeless riding bikes headed south from Albertson’s area and they aren’t moving for traffic. Deputy had negative contact.

Welfare check
Truck Bypass Road
Caller last heard from male friend 24 hours ago when he was waiting for someone to bring him gas. Deputy had negative contact/was advised the male may have spent the night elsewhere.

Welfare check
Redrock and Mangas Valley roads
Female caller requested GPS our phone as we don’t know where we are/we both have been drinking/male was heard arguing with caller/disconnected. Call mapped out on Mangas Valley Road between Redrock and Rideout roads.

Thursday, July 4

Mountain View Drive/Ridge Road
Two males who seem intoxicated are fist fighting. Deputies have two males in investigative detention/one advised nothing happened/one released en route to Pheasant Drive/other released on Pheasant/both units clear.

Criminal trespass warning
Deputy advised clear/subject has indefinite CTW for Walmart.

S. Bear Creek Road – Pinos Altos
Can hear a lot of yelling in background/can hear a female crying/male on phone advised, “I’ll have to call back,” and hung up. Called caller who advised his brother showed up and attacked him in the driveway/he is okay just scratched up/refused medical/brother is leaving in a white van.

Reckless driver
Bill Evans Lake
Yellow quad with 2-3 little children on it/no helmets/driving recklessly through camps around the entire lake. Deputy had contact/drivers had protective gear/were advised to slow down and be careful for camps.

Domestic disturbance
Peterson Drive
Daughter’s fiancé won’t let daughter leave the room/they were verbally arguing before he blocked her in her room. Caller advised this happened before, after he had brain surgery.

Unattended death
Santa Rita Mine Road – Vanadium
Female possibly passed away/she is cold to the touch. Caller advised his girlfriend had fallen and was given muscle relaxers and she is not waking up. OMI2 asked GSCO unit to turn on overheads to help him find the scene/ETA approximately 10 minutes.

Goathead Path – Arenas Valley
Neighbors are lighting fireworks and when caller told them to stop she said they threatened her. Deputy will be clear/negative on harassment.

Criminal trespass warning
Racetrack Road
Caller advised her ex-boyfriend is on scene trying to get into her trailer and he’s not supposed to be there. Second caller advising he is the landlord of the trailer park advised that a male across the street grabbed the female by the throat.