Roads Without Shoulders

In memory of the "Glenwood Gazette" and its founder, the late Gale Moore, its loyal fans and to future fans, we would to like to introduce "Roads Without Shoulders." We want to offer Gale's back country style into your life in digital format.

The Gazette was great at bringing the communities of New Mexico and parts of Arizona out to local events, then would report on it as if you were there. We would love to bring back the warmth Gale Moore put into the "Gazette" by making it easy to access wherever you are, so you'll know of events and announcements off the beaten path. We look forward to being an added part of your lives.

We likely will set up separate pages for columns, recipes, events, and perhaps a calendar.

We want content from all you little places that you reach or travel through on "roads without shoulders," especially in New Mexico and southeastern Arizona, but it could expand. 

Of course, just as you supported the Gazette with your advertising dollars, so this endeavor will require your financial support for it to continue and grow.

We will have two options—advertising on almost every page of the Beat, or advertising at a reduced price on just the Rural Roads pages.

Email mabm@grantcountybeat.com to send items for this new part of the Grant County Beat. It's in its early planning stages, but if you send news releases for events they will be posted. :-)

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