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Traffic Control During Construction – "It is our intent to allow traffic to move through the construction project with only minor delays. We anticipate maintaining one lane of traffic through the project at all times, with any delays kept to a reasonable minimum, less than 15 minutes. One lane closures will only be required in the area the contractor is working, so the majority of the route should remain open to two lane traffic during construction. Prior to construction we will hold a public meeting with the contractor to share the intended traffic control plan with the citizens of Glenwood."

The Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration is continuing design efforts on State Highway 174, the Catwalk Access Road. Recently, the design team, in consultation with the New Mexico Department of Transportation and the Gila National Forest, made the decision to alter the road widening, which was originally planned for.

Along the Catwalk Access Road, from the intersection with US Route 180 to the intersection with Circle Drive, the roadway width will match the existing width with 9- foot-wide lanes and no shoulder. The remainder of the route, from Circle Drive to the Catwalk Trail parking area, has an existing width which is highly variable. A con-sistent width will be achieved through this section with 10-foot-wide lanes and a 1-foot- wide shoulder. All existing asphalt on the route will be pulverized and replaced with a suitably designed asphalt thickness.

The adjustments to the roadway width have been made in an attempt to balance the safety needs of the route with the acquisition of additional Rights-of-Way. Additional Rights-of-Way will still need to be acquired, although the number of parcels affected by this project is greatly reduced with these most recent changes. The design team has hired the services of a consultant to formalize the Right-of-Way plans in the coming months, consistent with New Mexico Department of Transportation requirements.

One of the significant hallmarks of this project will be the improved drainage and erosion hardening along the route. The in- stream crossings of Whitewater Creek will be reconstructed to ensure their ability to handle design flow events and increased sedimentation as a result of the Whitewater- Baldy Fire. Side drainage crossings of the route will be hardened with concrete to accommodate maintenance efforts to remove debris after flood events.

In addition, these crossings will be armored with rock to ensure their continued functionality and protection of the roadway. The grade on a portion of the roadway just downstream from the Catwalk Trail Parking Area will be raised to prevent inundation during high flow events in the creek.

The projected schedule for the project is outlined as follows:
Final Design Plans – Spring 2019 Right-of-Way Acquisition – Summer/Fall 2019 Project Advertisement – Winter 2019/2020 Construction Start – March 2020 Construction Complete – November 2020

The following typical sections visually indicate the roadway width that will be constructed for the various sections of this project, as previously described.

catwalk access road for 2020
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