I don't know about you, but I hate moving. Kathy and I just moved into another house at the end of March. I know that it will take a good two or three months to figure out where everything is. Moving is simply terrible. The only good thing that comes from moving is that I will find something that I lost during the move before this one. We're simply getting too old to be making all these moves. I think I'm going to start taking trailer loads of stuff to the landfill that we no longer need to haul from place to place.

Of course, there are always the inevitable things that don't work correctly in the new home. Such as having a two-bathroom home, yet one toilet hasn't worked properly (it leaks… and that sounds terrible for a toilet) since before we even moved in. So after about a month, if the only toilet that works in the house is occupied… well, it's a good thing we are living out in the county now.

This is Tour of the Gila week. While I am writing this article, teams and individuals are here in the Conference Center registering and attending meetings. I know there are two teams from Australia. I just met some guys with a team from Costa Rico. There are Olympic champions. There are International Champions. And there are a lot of Champions in the making right here in Silver City. I can't think of any other town in New Mexico that can even come close to matching the sports talent that is converging on Grant County this week.

Tour of the Gila participants… thank you for coming to Silver City. We hope you have a wonderful time while you are here. Though everyone can't win, we hope all of you are successful.

Earlier today, Wednesday, the Chamber of Commerce helped a local business celebrate with a ribbon cutting and open house. An Open Door is a local facility that provides assistance to people with developmental disabilities with the everyday functions of life. An Open Door has bridged the gap between their clients that they serve and the community since 2012.

An Open Door is located at 6 Peterson Drive in Silver City. If you are not familiar with Peterson Drive, it is located just east of the Silver City town limits on the south side of Highway 180 East heading toward Santa Clara. The organization strives to provide the best quality of services to individuals with developmental disabilities by always: advocating, training, maintaining the health, safety, desires and discovering how to help each person served to reach their individual goals and dreams. To learn more about An Open Door, you can call their office at (575) 534-9161 or visit their website – www.youraod.com.

It was a great day to visit An Open Door and learn more about the fine work they do in the community.

There sure is a lot of chatter about the County Commission and what they will do with Gila Regional Medical Center. I can't believe there are local folks who think that the Commissioners are wasting time and money meeting with various companies and other hospitals to come up with the best decision possible for the people of Grant County. I don't know about you, but when I vote for someone to represent me, I want them to do the best job they can. So. they are having lots of meetings. So, they are traveling to visit other hospitals. Great… because I believe they need to learn as much as possible about possible buyers and learn the best practices for running a hospital before making their final decision. Personally, I think our County Commissioners are doing a superb job to educate themselves about this issue before they must take a stand… one way or the other. We're talking about our healthcare for the future. I would think everyone in Grant County would want the commissioners to take as much time as possible and hold as many meetings as are necessary to make this huge decision that will impact each person living here. Thank you, Commissioners!

If you ever feel lost, call the Chamber of Commerce office at 538-3785. We have maps, we have telephone books, and we can find things for you on the internet.

Live from Silver City

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