REPLY TO: Tom Vaughn’s rebuttal to Zack Taylor’s “Keeping you in the loop” post by Zack Taylor

Thank you, Tom, for reading the article and hopefully you read the link that accompanied the brief narrative I presented. Am I to presume you don’t want to see facts presented that frame illegal immigration in a negative light? That is the sentiment you conveyed to me. My point is/was illegal immigration and a lack of border security and the results thereof is the point I am presenting, not a political agenda.

Your statement, “President Trump’s hate-fear-mongering, anti-immigrant campaign platform” you cite, does not compare with the original document that I read from his campaign at all and I challenge you to present the original unedited document copy supporting your contention. What I have seen and heard is his objection to “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.” An activity we also object to.

I take issue with misrepresentation and misinformation because my apolitical position as Chairman of NAFBPO.org requires that I clarify the immigration issue for those seeking understanding and truth. The first point is metamorphosizing the legal term “illegal alien” into the politically correct word ‘immigrant’. Read Title 8 US Code and you will discover the difference. Therefore, using the word immigrant where illegal alien is the correct term is misrepresenting the subject and provides a blurring of the truth to the reader. I object to those tactics. We are pro legal immigration. Pro illegal immigrant policy advances lawlessness and is not in America’s best interest regardless of the emotional renderings manufactured to protect and promote it.

Several of the links you present if not all I am familiar with and refrain from using for various reasons such as time, accuracy and/or space. First, saying that there are 10,000 MS-13 Gang Members in the United States is a “GUESS,” or if you prefer an estimate, it is not a hard number. Truth is that the actual number is unknown. Their mission statement is: Murder-Rape-Control. If you approve of MS-13, Tom, you agree with their mission statement. We believe that one illegal alien in the United States on such a mission is one too many. We want the number reduced to zero. Any artifice or activity, domestic or foreign, related to immigration that promotes the presence of more MS-13 members inside the United States is not in the best interest of the United States. Period.

Moving on to the term entry. ENTRY: (sic)any coming of an alien from a foreign port, place or outlying possession whether voluntarily or otherwise. ALIEN: any person not a Citizen or National of the United States. ILLEGAL ALIEN: any alien that entered the United States that was not “inspected and admitted” by an Immigration Officer. DACA applicants are admitting that they are illegal aliens. The link you applied cites 800,000 “Certified” DACA applicants. What I am hearing is that the number of “applicants” exceeds 2,000,000. Big difference, Tom. If you will recall the 1986 Amnesty originally represented as 700,000 illegal aliens to benefit. 3.3+ million applied and 2.7 million were granted amnesty. Don’t forget though that 12,000 of those went through recision of citizenship in large groups after being granted amnesty when they applied for citizenship because of material false statements concerning criminal activity and other excludable grounds they made for resident alien status. Possibly because of the impossibility to interview and vet all of them in the time frame allotted. And few allude to the average of 5.6 aliens that gained a priority immigration status from each of those 2.7 million. All the facts mostly confuse when it drags out in the telling. Suffice it to say that Immigration Fraud is a big problem and Amnesty is not in America’s best interest to engage in again.

The unofficial/official number of illegal aliens frequently quoted as being present inside the United States is approximated at eleven million and has been for several consecutive years. Some studying the question place the number at three times eleven million depending upon how the number is arrived at. Again, truth is nobody knows. Historically, whenever granting or promoting an Amnesty in the United States is bandied about in the press and Congress as is being done recently it invites more illegal immigration as we are seeing today. Because all of our Immigration Laws have not been effectively enforced for so many years it will be painful for some that came here or were brought here anticipating a future Amnesty to find out it was a false hope when America returns to the Rule of Law. The real problem is those that caused and promoted the problem by not effectively obtaining border security long ago by enforcing existing law. We are at the point where we have to think America’s children and grandchildren first.

Which brings me to a point I don’t want the readers of this wonderful news source to overlook. NAFBPO seeks to promote the truth as to what is good for America and what is not, based on our collective experience. It does not matter who is for or against any position, we seek only to zero in on the truth. A lot of what can be mined off the internet is not truth. Moreover, we fully understand that brevity is frequently genius and therefore our op-ed pieces are not lengthy and many other news outlets limit to 150 words or less so we have been conditioned to brevity. Another positive about brevity is the reader is more apt to read a few salient bullet points than a scholarly tome, brevity promotes understanding.

Meanwhile, consider what a huge benefit in human capital would accrue to the source countries should all of their citizens repatriate and contribute to bringing about a solution to problems in those home countries now that they have seen and lived the wonderful benefits of capitalism and the American way, especially the rule of law.

Zack Taylor, Chairman and Border Security Expert