The Beat totally appreciates when you send already completed ads for us to post.

But you must remember several tips:

1) KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!!!!! The fewer words the better, What, when, where

2) Yes, we prefer receiving the ad in a larger size, so when we resize it in the smaller size, it is still clear and not fuzzy.

3) HOWEVER, even though you are sending the ad in the larger size, please made a copy, and downsize it, at 96 dpi (resolution) to the correct size it will be.
a) For example, if you have built it at 1200 X 1200 pixels for a square ad, downsize a COPY to 300X300 to make sure it is still readable.
b) If it is not easily readable, please go back and make the WORDS bigger.


4) If you have all the elements that you want in the ad, I can build an ad for you, upon receipt of the graphics and text you want, at a basic cost of $25. It won't be fancy.
5) HOWEVER, if I have to build it from scratch, the cost is an EXTRA $50, above the cost of the ad, because it takes time away from my writing articles. And I will still need to know the what, when and where, and preferably what type of graphics you would like.

All display ads link to your website or a Facebook address, that you must provide. Otherwise, it will link to an article or graphic that has details of the event, so people can uncover what will happen.