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Silver City-Grant County Chamber of Commerce President Scott Terry will provide a weekly column to the Beat, featuring items and announcements of interest to the community.

I am aware of the history of daylight savings time. But I, like many others, feel that this is a program that needs to be canceled. Usually as it begins to get dark on Tuesday evening, I know I must finish writing my weekly article for the newspaper. But due to daylight savings time, I'm now running behind by an hour and the editor is wondering if I will get the article done or not. I was talking to a person earlier this week that told me he hasn't figured out how to change the clock in his car. He has to constantly remember whether the clock is one hour ahead or is it the right time. So he just ignores the clock in his vehicle. I know this is a trivial reason for wanting to do away with daylight savings time, but is there really a good reason to change the time twice a year. It certainly seems that the folks in Arizona and Hawaii are doing okay without changing their clocks twice a year… so why can't the other 48 states?

Speaking of time, it's time for the annual High Desert Gun Show. The show will be in the Grant County Veterans Memorial Business & Conference Center this coming Saturday and Sunday. It sounds like the facility will be full of vendors, so this should be a great show. Besides guns and ammo, I hear there will be other vendors with handmade jewelry and such… so this show will be great for the entire family. Make a date out of it. The guy can look for a new rifle or pistol, and the gal can look for a nice Taser or a set of earrings. The Conference Center is located at 3031 Highway 180 East in Silver City.

As a boy growing up in humid Louisiana, it was like a holiday when we would load the family in a car and visit the closest A&W Root Beer restaurant. For those of you who are old enough, do you remember the Papa Burgers, Mama Burgers and Baby Burgers? And the root beer… well, they brought it to the table or to your car in the really cold frosted mugs. Man, it just didn't get too much better than that.

Changes, Ideas and Growth

I actually had someone tell me they considered me to be an agent of change. No… I don't walk around with lots of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. I weigh enough without a pocket full of loose change. I think they meant that I talk about possible changes for the future. And I guess I do talk about possible changes every once in a while.

One idea I have had for the past couple of years would be a change in some of our town's marketing strategy. We currently pay pretty good money to wrap a Trolley Car in Arizona with a Silver City advertisement. But I have never received a call from anyone in Arizona telling me they were intrigued by the trolley. So, what if we had a billboard along I-10 in Phoenix or Tucson with a cold blue background that simply reads… the current temperature in Silver City, NM is 88 degrees. Really!! A billboard with the actual temperature. I'm betting when the temperature in Arizona is 100, 105 or maybe 111. And we are a cool 89 degrees… the sign will get lots of attention. It may be an expensive proposition, but I believe it is an idea that will help us grow our tourism market. Another idea… over the next several years, why don't we try to add solar generated light to at least one of our little billboards on I-25 and I-19 each year. Then in a few years… wow, our signs are lit up at night.

Some folks don't like the wet weather. However, there is no doubt we needed the rain and snow that we experienced over the past couple of weeks. The ground was dry and hard. The brush and trees were brittle and dry. It was beginning to look like we might have terrible conditions that could lead to wicked forest and grass fires. So, we should be thankful for the wet weather and how it will help conditions throughout our area of southwest New Mexico.

The bad side to all of this rain… ouch, there are potholes everywhere. Please be patient with the crews that will be trying to patch our streets and roads. Their task is pretty great since it seems just about every street in town has potholes. Thank you to the crews who will be patching our streets. They will be working hard to repair the damage done throughout our town.

The title of this article could mean several different things. But if you're from the southern states, you know exactly what it means. Usually, whatever follows "I do declare"… well, let's just say it's going to be kind of pitiful. So, it's during this time of year that I will use the phrase "I do declare" followed by something that has happened in Santa Fe. As an example, I do declare those poor old boys are like hogs wallowing in the mud. They're spending a lot of time doing it and having lots of fun, but not really getting much of anything done.

It truly is amazing to see what the ladies and gentlemen in Santa Fe can accomplish during the last 96 hours of the session.

I enjoy a good ghost story, so I thought I would share this information with you. I recently received a call from a gentleman who had noticed that some nights the lights in the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building were on… and then on another night… they were off. So, he wanted to know if I knew why.

I explained that I had not received any phone calls from people saying they had seen an old white guy in a white suit with a white mustache and goatee in the building. Thus, I'm fairly certain Colonel Sanders is NOT haunting the place. We haven't had a good rain or electrical storm in a long time, so I'm pretty certain this hasn't been caused by some sort of weather phenomenon. Which leads me to believe, that someone has been going in and out, and they simply forget to turn the lights off.

Mr. Audie Brown is the superintendent of Silver Consolidated Schools. He came to Silver City during a time when Silver Consolidated Schools seemed to be embroiled in much turmoil and chaos. Due to his care for this community and his concern for the students… Mr. Brown jumped into the frying pan to take on the challenge of correcting many things that needed to be fixed within the local school district. And… he took it on during a time when the State of New Mexico was struggling to find money, cut funding, and implement a testing program that was not being received fondly around the State.

I'm going to share this personal observation – Mr. Brown has some exceptional intestinal fortitude to take on the job of superintendent.

You may be wondering… what is Scott talking about? I’ll admit, since the New Orleans Saints blew their game with the Vikings this past weekend, football is out. And I’m not a big fan of professional basketball. Of course, golf is too slow for me to watch it on television. Thus, I must be talking about the New Mexico Legislature.

Yep… New Mexico political games are starting with a bang. I’m not certain what the total is this afternoon, but when I checked a day or two ago there were 282 bills being introduced for this 30-day session. Basically, if you can name a topic, there may be some bill that is specifically or vaguely related to it.

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