Immigration Matters

The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.

The question is: Why isn't it being done?



They may have found a serial killer.

Billy Chemirmir, 46, is accused of murdering a dozen elderly women in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.
By Antonia Noori Farzan
May 20 at 6:05 AM

Phyllis Payne’s family thought that she had died of natural causes.

There was no reason to be suspicious when the spunky Texas grandmother, who had been spending the last years of her life in a retirement community in Dallas, passed away in April 2016 at the age of 91.


Based on my experience, I believe what we have been experiencing since summer of 2014, and especially in the era of the caravans and refugee resettlement, is asymmetrical warfare waged against the United States with the United States Government facilitating the invasion.  Most likely in the exchange of money and power at the national political level in the United States and facilitated by the mainstream media.

No new laws were or are needed.  Border Patrol Agents and Immigration Inspectors are already Immigration Officers.  The critical element that absolutely must take place is providing the world with the powerful “VISUAL” affirmation that the U.S. Border is closed to invasion.

Like it or not there is only one way to do that and we have to get it right this time.  WE HAVE TO ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAW AS WRITTEN, at the border and in the interior. 

Yes, I know Health and Human Services if feeding millions upon millions of dollars into refugee resettlement contractors and the plan is that none of the 12-17 year old caravan males will never leave the United States and that taxpayer money is designed to keep the refugee resettlement scam from sinking financially.  It and the UN High Commission on Refugees have been central in injecting Americas enemies into the United States for years.  That must be stopped and reversed.  People that did not meet the criteria of a refugee when sent to the U.S. have to go back to the country they resided in when placed in the U.S., which in most cases was not their home country.  Enough of bringing in people that either cannot or will not assimilate into American Culture.  That must be reversed.  America’s homeless need those rooms.

For the “VISUAL”, send them home in U.S. Military Marked Aircraft.  Show them loaded in the U.S. and off loaded in their home or destination country and play that clip over and over again to reinforce the “VISUAL” that the U.S. Border is closed.  Anything less is a waste of time and money.  The people we have to reach deal in the visual, the spoken or written word is ineffective.  If Cuba doesn’t want to behave, push their illegal criminals through the back gate at Guantanamo Bay.  The world needs to understand the meaning of NO visually.  

Zack Taylor, Chairman

Agents already had the authority and the procedure.  It was the administrations that intentionally failed to implement the known strategy and the Inspector General needs to get to the bottom of that scheme.


What else is Fox News, Health & Human Services and CDC not telling Americans?


The United Nations and the United States Congress pose a greater threat to American National Security than Russia and China combined.

The invasion continues, promoted by the UN and facilitated by Congress.

Beware, we need enforcement of existing law.

Never, not ever at this point in time should Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Amnesty, DACA or Dreamers be acted upon legislatively when current law is not being enforced vigorously.

All illegal aliens must fully understand they have two choices, voluntarily repatriate or be deported. Period. The invasion must stop and the invaders must leave.


Captain Jones and Colonel Steiner are simply pointing out the obvious for all to see in the following article.

In particular it indirectly points out the Pima County Board of Supervisors complicity in facilitating transnational crime by not implementing Stone Garden. Pima County is a border county and Tucson is a Sanctuary City openly encouraging transnational crime that is adversely affecting all fifty states.

The silence of border state Arizona elected officials on this subject is very disappointing and further encourages the invasion. Where is the leadership?

Zack Taylor, Chairman

Texas border experts call foul on rules of engagement for troops at border
Daniel Horowitz · April 24, 2019

Mexican soldiers detain American soldiers on U.S. soil. Government response: ?
Daniel Horowitz · April 22, 2019


The Mexican government is powerless to control the cartels at our border. But somehow when it comes to belligerently confronting our own soldiers on our own soil, the Mexicans seem to muster the personnel and temerity to defend their side of the border. Moreover, they apparently have the unbridled impudence to complain about armed American citizens defending our border, while they have permanently transformed our country in the worst way imaginable through their disrespect of our sovereignty. This is clearly no longer about immigration, but about a pure invasion that requires a military buildup.

New Mexico County Declares State Of Emergency Amid Immigration Influx

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