Immigration Matters

The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.



Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer says he wants the Statue of Liberty to be the symbol of America rather than a border wall. It is no doubt a catchy message, it is clearly misleading. Let us start with a reality check. Since the 9/11 attacks, walls and barriers have become much more common in the United States. After the tragic losses of that day, our country began to take serious measures to prevent future attacks. In front of the White House, Pennsylvania Avenue was closed to vehicle traffic, while Congress erected 7,000 stanchions to secure its complex from truck bombers, and the security at all federal buildings was enhanced.

Question to NAFBPO: Zack, what do you think we should do to stop the influx from Central America? The federal courts keep shooting down DHS efforts. That Flores decision sure has tied their hands.

Answer from NAFBPO:

It has been done before. As a border immigration officer the solution seems simple and has been done in the past. (All depends on point of view—is it created or true to the reality of cause and effect?) The government may be displaying institutional insanity by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, OR, those really in control don’t want it stopped and are knowingly encouraging the assault on our borders and by that I mean those advising DHS and White House. Here is why. (America needs to get over the idea that people in other countries are like us. They are not. But there are valid comparisons.)

Daniel Horowitz · January 24, 2019

If we consent to the notion that the president is prohibited from following the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and his inherent executive authority to stop this invasion, then there’s nothing we can do, and we as may as well cede the presidency to Kamala Harris. But if the president is willing to use his lawful powers and more aggressively push back against lawless lower court opinions and their illegal universal injunctions, there is a lot he can do. By credibly threatening to use executive action based on lawful powers, the president can upend Pelosi’s leverage.

The first step is for the president to communicate his message directly to the American people. There is no way around that. This entire battle is one of messaging.

Daniel Horowitz · January 23, 2019

Last year, I made a list of 25 slam-dunk immigration bills that the Senate should consider on the floor to show that Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than about Americans. Over the past month, with the national focus finally turning to immigration as the top issue, McConnell should have been holding one vote after another on these issues. Instead, he was dead silent. Now he is scheduling two votes for Thursday – one on an amnesty bill with border funding, and the other on the Democrat bill to fund government without fixing the border invasion. Thus, rather than trying to throw a touchdown, he is either tossing an interception or an incompletion. Why not vote on something good?

We can talk to you about savagery and extreme violence in Mexico and after a while the admonitions become just words.
Twenty minutes after the oral presentation the audience has forgotten 80% of what was said.

They become just words because they have not directly affected you personally, yet.

They become just words because all day long in the print and wider media we are told the reports of violence are false, or over rated, exaggerated or whatever.

However, I can show you color photographs of savagery and extreme violence and it is quite likely you will never forget the image and you will understand the words. 

“Organized Crime Cannot Exist Without Political Protection.”

I have repeated this statement in public forums many, many times. Moreover, common sense indicates Organized Crime at this level requires Political Protection at this level.

Frequently it is the intelligence analyst that takes known information and finds the linkages (connects the dots) between known facts.

China's CHEVY!!! You really need to watch this

This video shows how GM simply does not have any or much intent on expanding or maintaining its manufacturing presence in America but instead they are doing their growth, expansion, etc. in China

Remember that GM's largest assembly plant is in Korea. And Ford's Largest is in Brazil. Both are relatively new plants. They didn’t build them in the US

As we said in the 2014 surge and again in 2018 about the so called caravans.
It is about money and power and clearly about enemies of the United States both domestic and foreign seeking to harm us.
It is not and never has been about compassion. It is a giant media deception.