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The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.

January 17, 2018
By Karin McQuillan


Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town. Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health. That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, "a fecalized environment."


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Younger illegal immigrants in Arizona make up a far larger percentage of the state’s prison inmates than their share of the population would suggest, according to a new analysis.

While illegal immigrants ages 18 to 35 — a group immigration activists call “Dreamers” — are about 2 percent of of the Arizona population, they are almost 8 percent of the prison population. The over-representation by a factor of four shows that younger illegal immigrants in Arizona are far more likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens or legal immigrants of a similar age, says John Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

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What the political and social situation in Mexico brings to the United States is rarely talked about and when such information is available the reader has to dissect out what is important to understand the illegal drug situation inside the United States. This is one of those articles when read carefully brings to light why the war on drugs inside America has been woefully ineffective for so long. Principally, that the cartels in Mexico still have and maintain their illegal drug distribution infrastructure in place inside the United States to bring the drugs from our external borders to the street level dealers in our cities. Without political protection extended to these distribution networks through Sanctuary City Policies inside the United States and lax interior enforcement of our Immigration Laws the cartels would have a much more difficult task in maintaining these distribution networks. The driving force fueling the illegal drug business is the pursuit of money and power. International drug smuggling in this case is organized crime and organized crime cannot exist without political protection on either side of our borders. DACA appears to have the potential to reinforce and expand this distribution network inside the United States. Track the uptick in the opioid deaths inside the United States and you will see that beginning in 2009 is where the sharp increase began and continues through 2016 which is as far as the updated graphs I have seen take us. To think and propose that increased treatment and counseling will solve this problem is deflecting the conversation away from a real solution and provides cover to the illegal drug business.

Zack Taylor, Chairman


The son of 'El Chapo' Guzman's former right-hand man is reportedly talking to US authorities, and it could be trouble for the Sinaloa cartel


By Robert Kraychik30 Dec 20179,168

30 Dec, 2017 31 Dec, 2017
“If we fail on this, just picture Europe,” said Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) of what would happen if Congress failed to permanently repair America’s “broken immigration system” and just passed another amnesty instead.
Brat made his comments on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight in an interview with Breitbart News’s Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour.

America will resemble “France, Sweden, Germany, [or] the Netherlands” in the absence of enacting an immigration system “for the benefit of American citizens and U.S. workers,” said Brat.

While Republicans are focusing on amnesty, nobody wants to stand for the forgotten man and how we have a crisis of criminal aliens, border surge, and judicial shutdown of all enforcement.

Strangers in our own land: Illegal aliens rule the roost

Critical for all Americans to read and understand the information in this article.
Zack Taylor, Chairman

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Why this wave of immigration is unprecedented on every level and the political class ignores it, courtesy of the latest CIS report.
5 shocking immigration trends ignored by the political class
Posted October 19, 2017 01:48 PM by Daniel Horowitz

If you walk the halls of D.C. think tanks and Swamp organizations, you might think we have a crisis of not enough immigrants. They always extol the virtues of more immigration without any consideration of the costs or whether these immigrants are assimilating into our culture or trying to take it over.