Immigration Matters

The items posted in this column are provided by George Taylor, a retired Border Patrol agent.

REPLY TO: Tom Vaughn’s rebuttal to Zack Taylor’s “Keeping you in the loop” post by Zack Taylor

Thank you, Tom, for reading the article and hopefully you read the link that accompanied the brief narrative I presented. Am I to presume you don’t want to see facts presented that frame illegal immigration in a negative light? That is the sentiment you conveyed to me. My point is/was illegal immigration and a lack of border security and the results thereof is the point I am presenting, not a political agenda.

Your statement, “President Trump’s hate-fear-mongering, anti-immigrant campaign platform” you cite, does not compare with the original document that I read from his campaign at all and I challenge you to present the original unedited document copy supporting your contention. What I have seen and heard is his objection to “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.” An activity we also object to.


MS-13 inside the United States poses an immediate direct threat to almost anyone inside the United States.

Transnational Criminals residing in Mexico present a direct threat to anyone in Mexico.

Two different sets of problems which will entail two different solutions.


Congressman Gosar has very clearly defined the main problem that obviously is missing in all of the efforts extolled by Congress and that is that every State, County and City in the United States that has an opioid problem can trace it directly to a lack of border security. Thank you Congressman Gosar. That the rest of Congress knows this and refuses to acknowledge the problem as a nationwide border insecurity issue is why the body count continues to increase.

The real question is why is the majority in Congress and the Government not only choosing to ignore the source of the drugs but deflects attention away from a meaningful solution by promoting the regulation of doctors and pharmacists who have nothing at all to do with the presence of heroin and fentanyl deaths inside the United States.


Separation of children of illegal immigrants has taken center stage in the national debate. The left has attempted to pull on heartstrings and make this practice out to be unfit and cruel. Those on the right have argued that if you want the practice to end then existing law must be changed.

Two “Angel Moms” of Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens added their perspective recently and it’s nothing short of amazing. Needless to say, they’re not happy with how the debate is being portrayed.

I am sitting here amazed at how easily the Political Class has whipped up public sentiment over a false premise of caging children.

I have seen this “For The Children” ploy enough times over the years that I am immediately suspicious when the issue of “The Children” is raised. Especially when the welfare of American children is conveniently overlooked.

We, NAFBPO, have literally been telling Congress for years what the solution is and they just won’t do it. The laws already exist and the precedence has been set and Congress knows this.

Americans generally indulge in compassion and wishful thinking when it comes to Illegal Aliens lately. El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are breeding grounds for violent humans. The solution is not to bring them to the United States, the solution is to be applied in their home countries or they will be sending us an endless supply of violent criminals and their home country will be happy to help them on their way. It is our compassionate side that is being taken advantage of.

While it is difficult sometimes to understand what the female gang members are saying in this video most is understandable.

People from other countries are not like us and since El Salvador is essentially a lawless country there is little chance their backgrounds could be checked should they appear at our border.

As we continue to point out, Sanctuary Cities + Illegal Aliens = Transnational Crime

Los Angeles, California, to New Haven, Connecticut in this case.

No it’s not Doctors and Pharmacists that are responsible for the crisis increase in opioid overdose deaths, it is transnational organized crime.

Denver, Colorado….don’t you know?  The Blue City on a hill that hides illegal alien criminals from ICE.

Zack Taylor 


Mexican Illegal Alien Arrested for Deadly Hit-and-Run Free to Leave Prison in Sanctuary City Denver

An illegal alien from Mexico, arrested for allegedly causing a fatal hit-and-run accident, will be free to leave prison should he pay his $25,000 bond, as the Denver Sheriff’s Department remains committed to their “sanctuary city” policy.
Illegal alien Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, a 26-year-old from Mexico, was arrested after allegedly fleeing the scene of a fatal hit-and-run crash that involved his truck and a semi-truck, according to KDVR.