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Libertarian Leanings is a new column by by Peter Burrows, who blogs at silvercityburro.com and can be reached at elburropete@gmail.com.

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 By Peter Burrows 5/4/18 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

To encourage homeowners to install solar panels, most public utilities, including Public Service of New Mexico (PNM), are required by law to pay homeowners for any excess electricity the solar panels produce. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, the excess electricity is fed into the utility's grid for sale to other customers.

Imagine that homes with solar panels have two meters, one that measures the electricity coming into the home from the electric utility, and another that measures the excess solar electricity that goes into the utility grid on those occasions when the solar panels produce more electricity than is being used. The net of the two is the "net metering" that determines the electric bill.

by Peter Burrows 3/14/18 elburropete@gmail.com - silvercityburro.com

Last month's horrific shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, elicited the usual storm of hysterical cries to "do something." Most of the "somethings" proposed would in fact do nothing.

 By Peter Burrows 3/5/18 elburropete@gmail.com -- silvercityburro.com

Somebody once described the Republicans and the Democrats as "the stupid party and the evil party." That's a little unfair to the Republicans, as there is plenty of nonpartisan stupidity to go around, but last week the Republicans owned the title. No contest. Two examples:

First, Republican Lt. Governor John Sanchez visited Silver City to talk to local officials about the Air Force's proposed Gila Wilderness flyovers. He then spent an hour or so with local Republicans. At that meeting, he lamented to some of us about what a money loser Governor Bill Richardson's Rail Runner had proven to be.

By Peter Burrows

I think the most amazing story of the Winter Olympics was the Gold Medal win by the U.S. men's curling team.

Curling is not a sport that gets much respect from people who don't know anything about the game. The very name, "curling," is faintly effeminate, something to scoff at. How could a game called "curling" be anything somebody would WANT to do, especially a man? I bet if it was called "Ice Hammer" it would get a lot more respect.

By Peter Burrows elburropete@gmail.com  1/1/18 - www.silvercityburro.com 

For over ten years, there has been a growing realization among environmentalists that the best way to both eliminate poverty and “save the world” from carbon dioxide emissions is not with renewable energy, e.g. wind and solar, but with nuclear energy.

You haven’t heard about this because it runs counter to the entrenched, well-subsidized solar and wind industries’ interests. Nuclear advocates present an argument that is reasoned, scientific and compassionate, the latter meaning it exposes the unaffordability of solar and wind. How novel, coming from environmentalists.

By Peter Burrows 12/26/17 elburropete@gmail.com  - silvercityburro.com 

Most "Progressives" I know suffer from a huge sense of moral and intellectual superiority. They are always right and they are better people, too. Protected by what Eric Hoffer called "fact-proof shields," they can inflict great damage on the rest of us if we let them and alas, we are letting them.

The typical progressive refuses to recognize the dangers of Islam, black racism, economic populism, judicial activism and rampant environmentalism, to name a few of their sacred cows. Occasionally, one of them gets "mugged by reality," and such a person deserves to be praised, whether they like it or not.

Michael Shellenberger is such a person. He is a 46-year-old environmentalist with impeccable liberal credentials. A life-long Democrat, he was on Time Magazine's 2008 list, "Heroes of the Environment," and coauthor of "Break Through," which won the 2008 Green Book of the Year Award.

By Peter Burrows 12/4/17 elburropete@gmail.com 

On December 3, The Beat published a number of articles by Peter Riva, who writes the Beat column, View From The Edge. In the one titled, "Lies Pretending To Be Proof," he wrote:

"American citizens all have a right to vote. No, not everybody does. With the cost of proof of identity running at $300 (original birth certificate or a $600 Citizenship Certificate proving you're American – note in some states neither a US passport nor a driver's license is accepted) – many poor or paperless people can't register to vote. And the more poor or unpapered people are, the more likely the more conservative candidates will win."

By Peter Burrows, Chairman and Founder, Citizens for Electricity Justice and Transparency Now. elburropete@gmail.com  - www.silvercityburro.com  . 11/30/17

Last May, Public Service of New Mexico (PNM) held a meeting in Silver City to get the public's input on PNM's plan to eliminate the use of coal by 2031. I don't know why they hold these meetings, it must be a legal requirement, because as far as I can tell the "public input" is inputted to PNM's circular file, never to be seen again.

At these meetings, and this one was no exception, there are always environmentalists who claim that renewable energy is cheaper than coal. This is absurd, and PNM knows it. My question, asked at the meeting and so far unanswered: "What would my bill be if PNM generated electricity 100% from renewables?"

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