Undeniably Right

Mike Mustang

I believe what I say and believe I am right. Thus, the title of my column, Undeniably Right. Take it as you will, that I'm a conservative or I have a huge ego and believe I am always correct. Sometimes those things overlap, sometimes not.

Mike Rowse

Mark Zuckerberg was answering questions regarding Facebook’s efforts to protect personal information, monitor ‘fake news,’ and generally acting like an upstanding corporate citizen. He was pressed about refusing to take down posts that denied the Holocaust had ever occurred. In some of the posts quoted in the question, the language was clearly hateful and bigoted towards Jews. Zuckerberg, in typical liberal fashion, said he could not remove that speech because of “free speech issues.” He went on to say that he disagrees strongly with those views but that posts such as these can stimulate conversations that “need to had."

Clearly, to some of us, Zuckerberg is at the very least ignorant about many issues addressed in his comments. At worst, he is not very good at hiding his hypocrisy. Zuckerberg gets the blame for this situation for 2 reasons; first, it’s his company and he’s responsible for the actions taken by his company. Secondly, he has said repeatedly that he will be very involved in cleaning up hate speech, fake news, and the other problems facing his company.

Recycling has been a hot button topic in Grant County as of late due to a change in the policy at the landfill. People are up in arms and disgusted by the fact that they can only recycle cardboard. China gets a lot of the blame on social media platforms as they have stopped accepting recyclable material from anyone, including the United States.

As usual, the 'solutions' proposed on social media miss the point completely, as do the fingers they are pointing at various entities. Lack of knowledge about recycling, AKA ignorance, is the biggest part of the problem. Dare I say that the fingers should be turned right around and pointed at themselves rather than anyone else, if blame truly has to be fixed on someone.

The first question that has to be asked, is why aren't there more recycling businesses in the United States? Why are we shipping our trash all the way to China? Is it burdensome regulation that increases costs to the point that recycling is not a profitable business? In part, yes it is. Once again, American businesses can't compete with China in part because of the extra expense created by onerous regulations.

There is no doubt in my mind that liberals believe they know more about how to raise your child than you do. In fact, they know more about how you should live your life than anyone else. History tells us based upon the rules and regulations they continually put into place regarding your children; what you can say or where you can say it; what can be sold in stores (no Big Gulps).

Delaware is the latest state trying to tell parents they have little or no place in helping their children make life altering decisions. Sexual education was one of the first areas school officials usurped from parents; now it’s gender identification. The latest bill being considered in DE would allow school officials to talk to kids at any educational level about their preference for gender selection. The school would then conduct an assessment of the parents’ knowledge of their child’s situation and the parents’ willingness to accept any decision their child might make, in conjunction with school staff of course. But, the parents would not be made aware that an assessment was being conducted. School officials would talk to the child, along with the child’s teacher(s) and other school staff to create a picture of the parents. Well that should work just fine.

As often happens when we get older, our parents also get older, lots older. Which is a good thing. But life always throws in a few lemons just to keep it real. I’ve had to spend a lot of time in hospitals over the last two years with my dad. That means a lot of ‘down’ time between tests, doctors visits, medication etc. It gives one time to reflect on a lot of different topics but especially how healthcare is delivered to our population.

With Medicare For All being a hot topic among many candidates for federal and state office it has made me think about the difference in the quality of care delivered by different entities. As many of you know there is a big difference, especially if you have to deal with the VA or governmental delivered healthcare on the reservations. There is no better argument against single payor or government provided healthcare than watching a loved one have to deal with either of those entities.

In 2014 a low life mouth breather engaged in a drive by shooting. Among the victims were two young children who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As often happens after these tragedies, family, friends, neighbors and concerned citizens held a prayer vigil. At the gathering the Chief of Police was asked to speak during which he asked for help from the community to identify the killers. It was by all accounts a moving event that helped lend emotional support to the family.

You probably know what happened next. A group of atheists showed up and were offended that there were Christian prayers at what was clearly billed as a prayer vigil. They were even more offended that the Chief and several of his officers were at the ‘religious’ ceremony. This of course violated their first amendment rights. They sued. This week a federal judge agreed that the atheists did have their first amendment rights violated. That is so wrong.

It just amazes me how shallow most liberals are when it comes to what or whom the support. We have heard forever that we must engage our enemies, get to know them, yeah and help them to understand that we mean no harm to them. The liberals believe that if we just got to know each other they would not want to harm us. So now president Trump has engaged Kim Jong Un "I'm in the first president to meet with a leader of North Korea since the end of the war." He came away with an agreement in writing that North Korea would completely scrap their nuclear weapons program as well as their missile program and if they do, we will cease conducting war games with South Korea and begin to remove sanctions which will allow North Korea to open their economy and markets to the rest of the world. Those on the left side of the aisle are apoplectic and calling this one of the worst deals ever.

Many on the left side of the aisle are saying that President Trump was duped and that Bowl Cut Jr. cannot be trusted to live up to his side of the agreement. Based upon history, that is true. The last three presidents all reached some sort of agreement with North Korea that required the hermit kingdom to scrap their nuclear weapons programs. Of course, the dictator in charge at the time went right on developing nuclear weapons while the U.S. built power plants, shipped them food and fuel (that was sold on the black market to line the pockets of the elite). The difference now is that North Korea must prove that they are dismantling their nuclear program BEFORE the U.S. is required to do anything. What a novel concept.

But back to the liberals. One other criticism leveled by Pelosi, Schumer, and their friends in the media is that Trump is ‘legitimizing’ a tyrant. A man that has continued to abuse his people in ways that we all find abhorrent. Isn’t it interesting that when Dennis Rodman was visiting with Kim Jong Un on behalf of President Obama that liberals felt it was the right thing to do? Where was the criticism of Obama when he visited Castro in Cuba? Talk about a dictatorial government that abuses its people. And that country at one point in time actually had missile batteries built just waiting for the Russian ships to deliver usable nuclear missiles that could be fired at America. North Korea doesn’t quite have effective weapons like that yet.

How about all the celebrities that visited Hugo Chavez when he completely nationalized all business and natural resources in Venezuela? He took away privately owned farms, ranches, small businesses, mining operations. He completely obliterated a very healthy, vibrant middle class and free market economy. Now his successor with the political elite and the ranking generals in the military are getting rich off of oil, mining, and selling drugs while the rest of the population makes $10 a month and can’t get enough food to feed their families.

That is the proof that liberals are 1/2” deep and not even close to a mile wide. They love the idea of communism. They love the idea that all people are equal, and all have the same things. There are no economic classes, there is no poverty, there is no starvation, and everyone works for the benefit of each other. Everything is doled out equally to everyone, whether it’s housing, food, clothing, medical care. They intentionally ignore or are blissfully ignorant of the reality of communism and socialism. In practical application, it never works. It never has and never will on a large scale. Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, the list goes on. The vast majority of people living under a communist regime live in abject poverty. Nobody from America would want to live in conditions that most people in those countries live through each and every day. Certainly not the people who live in the lap of luxury but praise the dictators that ruin people’s lives.

Most politicians, celebrities, media types all live in relative luxury. Many make millions of dollars; in the case of our political elite, probably in shady ways. They seem to think that if we adopted the principles of communism or socialism that we would all be raised to their level of income. Must be nice to live in their world. I’d call it blissful ignorance but it’s willful ignorance. Which based upon the way Robert de Niro, Kathy Griffin, and others act, willful ignorance is not very blissful.

One of the things that is wrong with our society is the litigious attitude so many people have taken. Whether they file suit to prove a point or hoping to hit the lottery, the costs are astronomical not only in terms of money spent on the actual defense of the lawsuit or the damages awarded, but also in the resultant costs when businesses or people must spend more money to avoid being sued themselves.

A good example is the swimming pool, also known in legal circles as an 'attractive nuisance.' A homeowner can be held liable if someone trespasses on their property, jumps in the pool and drowns or otherwise injures themselves. The legal argument is that what person wouldn’t want to enjoy a pool and simply having one attracts people. Slips and falls or drowning are well known adverse consequences of having a pool. The homeowner must then plan on someone trespassing and injuring themselves and take appropriate steps to prevent someone from trespassing and hurting themselves.

Our legal system has rewarded law breakers or people who don’t supervise their small children in an appropriate manner. Homeowners have been held legally liable for not putting a locking fence or a wall around their pools. You now must be responsible for assuming someone will break the law. Politicians and lawyers are responsible for this idiocy. Now we may be able to use their twisted logic against them.

Rep. Louie Gohmert is sponsoring a bill that would make sanctuary cities 'attractive nuisances.' If a citizen of that city is injured by an illegal alien, the bill would create a cause of action against the city to recover civil damages. The principle is the same as having a pool; city fathers created a situation that attracted more illegal aliens thus putting their citizens in harm’s way. Just as a homeowner is responsible for building the pool and attracting morons, so are the people running the city that attracted more illegal aliens.

Common sense tells us that more illegal aliens will move to a city where they are less likely to be reported to federal authorities and face deportation. Common sense also tells us that a certain percentage of those illegal aliens are in fact hardened criminals more likely to commit crime. Citizens thus suffer injury because that person was attracted by the situation created by the people running the town.

I like it. Use their 'logic' against them. Hold them responsible for putting a law-abiding family in more danger than they would have expected had city officials followed federal law. Of course, liberals will use all of the old saws about racism etc. but they created the situation and under the current rules of the game, they can be held responsible no matter how ridiculous it may seem. We need to make sure this bill passes and is signed into law.

I saw a meme yesterday that perfectly summed up what I and many of you have been saying; skin color doesn’t determine anything about who you are or what you become. The photo showed 3 black men in a courtroom. One of the men is wearing an orange jump suit, another a suit, the third a police officer’s uniform. The caption said something along the lines of, your skin color doesn’t determine your place in society, your decisions do.

That might be the most powerful, succinct argument against identity politics that I have ever seen. What makes it even better is knowing that some politically correct slack-jawed mouth breather is losing his/her mind after seeing that meme. I can just hear the screaming about how offensive it is to make fun of the guy in the prison garb and how we don’t know his life story or the circumstances in which he might have grown up or the racism he probably faced in his life that prevented him from succeeding in life.

That’s true; we don’t know his life story. But neither do we know the life stories of the other 2 gentlemen in the photo. How do we know that they didn’t grow up in abject poverty or face racism? We don’t. Maybe they did, and they made choices that led them down a different path. Maybe the 'criminal' is from a middle or upper-class family and was a spoiled little rich kid. You can’t assume that because of the color of his skin that he grew up in the projects.

Yet that’s exactly what liberals do, make assumptions about people based upon some demographic characteristic over which the person has no control. Notwithstanding the belief these days that you can self-declare to be whatever you want to be. This belief that we must all share the same experiences, beliefs, values based upon some random trait is probably the most bigoted thing a person can believe.

Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Condoleeza Rice, Alberto Gonzales, Ted Cruz; all members of minority groups as defined by the promoters of identity politics as having ‘betrayed’ their heritage because they are conservatives. Is there anything more racist than that? I’d submit if there is, it’s not by much.

Just this past week, we’ve seen the bigotry and hypocrisy of the left exposed once again. Roseanne Barr sends out a Tweet that is considered racist. Samantha B describes Ivanka Trump in one of the vilest ways and intimates that her dad is a pedophile. Both are women. Both are white. But because Roseanne doesn’t toe the liberal line, she is condemned and fired. Samantha B espouses the liberal points of view, so she is defended and keeps her job. Identity politics at its finest.

We must continue to make our voices heard. It won’t be in the mainstream media. Fox News was the only major media outlet to report the outrage among the citizenry over Samantha B’s comments. Make no mistake, the outrage is real and widespread but won’t be heard in the liberal media sources. We must make our voices heard in the political arena and the business sector. Our politicians must know we are tired of identity politics and the rules/laws that are enacted to enforce that belief system. The businesses must know that we won’t support them if they support hatred spewed on these programs.

You and I have that power. Liberals love to yell, scream, and be loud in general. They get attention in the media because of shared beliefs and values. We can be loud in the marketplace, the boardrooms, and at the polling places. That is where real change will be effected. That is where we will win.

Live from Silver City

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