Regular Meeting – July 20, 2017

The Grant County Board of Commissioners will convene in a Regular Meeting on Thursday, July 20, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. The meeting will take place in the Commission Meeting Room at the Grant County Administration Center located at 1400 Highway 180 East, Silver City, NM 88061. The agenda for this meeting may be altered up to seventy-two (72) hours prior to the meeting; copies can be obtained from the County Manager's Office or viewed online at www.grantcountynm.com. If you are an individual with a disability in need of a reader, amplifier, qualified sign language interpreter or any other form of auxiliary aide or service to attend or participate in the meeting or hearing, please contact the Grant County Manager at 1400 Highway 180 East, Silver City, New Mexico at least one (1) week prior to the meeting or as soon as possible. The tentative agenda is as follows:

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance & Salute to State Flag
III. Approval of Regular Meeting Agenda
IV. Public Input
• During this portion of our meeting, we welcome your suggestions and want to hear your concerns. This is not a question and answer period; speakers will be limited to five (5) minutes. Any individual who would like to discuss an item in more depth may request to be placed on a future agenda. Request forms are available in the County Manager's Office.
V. Minutes
a. Approve/Disapprove June 13, 2017, Work Session Meeting Minutes
b. Approve/Disapprove June 15, 2017, Regular Meeting Minutes
c. Approve/Disapprove June 29, 2017, Special Meeting Minutes
VI. Financial Reports
d. Approve/Disapprove July 11, 2017, Expenditure Report
VII. New Business
e. Approve/Disapprove Proclamation declaring July 22, 2017 through July 30, 2017 as "Clay Festival Week"
f. Approve/Disapprove Appointment of Representative and Alternate for the New Mexico CAP Entity
VIII. Agreements
g. Approve/Disapprove Second Amendment to Agreement A-15-22; between the County of Grant and High Desert Humane Society
h. Approve/Disapprove Agreement No. A-17-20; Agreement with USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services for the 2018 Fiscal Year Work Plan Program
i. Approve/Disapprove Professional Services Agreement between Grant County Juvenile Probation and the following Contractors:
1. Agreement A-17-21; Gary Stailey
2. Agreement A-17-22; James Graham
j. Approve/Disapprove Professional Services Agreement between Grant County Surveillance Program and the following Contractors:
3. Agreement A-17-23; Felix Ortega
4. Agreement A-17-24; Luis Alvarado
k. Approve/Disapprove Agreement No. A-17-25; Amended Joint Powers Agreement New Mexico CAP Entity
IX. Resolutions
l. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-17-28; Authorizing and Approving Submission of a Completed Application for Financial Assistance and Project Approval to the New Mexico Finance Authority
m. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-17-29; A Resolution Amending the Approved and Adopted Budget for the Fiscal Year Commencing July 1, 2016 and for County Purpose in the County of Grant, Silver City, New Mexico, Transferring and Appropriating Funds Thereof
n. Approve/Disapprove Resolution No. R-17-30; Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of a Loan Agreement and Intercept Agreement between Grant County and the New Mexico Finance Authority, in the Principal Amount of $42,318 for the Purpose of Financing a Road Improvement Project for Fleming Tank Road and Wind Canyon Estates Subdivision Community Area Improvement District and Paying a Loan Processing Fee, and Evidencing the Special Limited Obligation of the Governmental Unit to Repay the Principal amount of $42,318.00 together with Interest Thereon; Providing for the Pledge and Payment of the Principal and Interest Due under the Loan Agreement Solely from the Third Increment of County Gross Receipts Tax Revenues Imposed Pursuant to Section 7-20e-9, NMSA 1978
o. Approve/Disapprove Resolution R-17-31; A Resolution Authorizing Submission of an Application for Airport Aid to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Obligation of Sponsor Matching Funds and Authorization to Accept the Resulting Grant Offers and the Execution of Contract Documents for the Following Project: Install Emergency Generator at the Grant County Silver City Airport
p. Approve/Disapprove Resolution R-17-32; Notice of Intent to Consider an Ordinance Authorizing the Operation of Off-Highway Motor Vehicles on Streets or Highways Owned and Controlled by Grant County
X. Bids and Requests for Proposals (RFP)
q. Approve/Disapprove Bid No. B-17-01; Digital Sign for the Grant County Veteran's Business Conference Center
r. Approve/Disapprove Bid No. B-16-11; Install Emergency Generator at the Grant County Airport
s. Approve/Disapprove RFP 17-01; Grant County Advisory Services
XI. Elected Officials' Reports
XII. Commissioners' Reports
XIII. Adjournment

Brett Kasten, Commission Chairman

By: (s) Bernadette L. Sublasky, Executive Assistant