Undeniably Right

Mike Mustang

I believe what I say and believe I am right. Thus, the title of my column, Undeniably Right. Take it as you will, that I'm a conservative or I have a huge ego and believe I am always correct. Sometimes those things overlap, sometimes not.

Mike Rowse

Once again there is so much going on in the world that it’s hard to pick one topic on which to focus for this week’s column. Either that or I’m just not feeling verbose. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a random thoughts and observations column. And away we go! (some of you may recognize that catch phrase from way back in the day).

Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.

Venice Italy is suffering from a flood. I guess it is hurting tourism and putting some of the historic homes in danger once again but why it would be a top story for somebody like CBS News in the United States, I’m not sure. Not really, I know exactly why. The CBS Reporter said the water is currently 74 inches above normal level in Venice and most experts believe it is due to climate change. Now, climate change is a fairly recent phenomenon if you listen to those ‘experts’ and their friends in the media. In 1967, the flood level reached 76 inches. That was before the man caused climate change phenomenon began. And that is not even the record high which was well before that. So I guess if we are to draw a conclusion, man caused climate change is actually reducing the severity of floods in Venice.

If you listened to the radio show last week, you should have heard the story about 2 different research projects that determined a Tesla Model 3 all electric vehicle produces more carbon dioxide per kilometer driven than a Mercedes C Class diesel engine vehicle. Because those who are pushing up on us the idea of electric vehicles and alternative, renewable energy claim to be trying to save our planet and our environment, I'm sure they did not like that story. This was on the heels of another story about 3 weeks ago that talked about the deadly pollution being put into our landfills when solar panels are disposed of and now the disposal of those huge blades from windmills, also being put into landfills.

Given their commitment to saving the earth I would imagine many of them are also desirous of saving the animals on this planet. About a month ago I read an article that said the population of birds on the planet is decreasing and it's possible that birds could disappear from our planet within the next 10 to 15 years. That is a worst-case scenario of course, but the authors of the article said that it is well documented that bird populations around the earth are decreasing at a rapid rate. Of course, the consequences are that we will have more flies, mosquitoes, and other insects that are often eaten by birds and that could spread disease among the human population much more rapidly not to mention just being downright uncomfortable with all the flies.

Seriously, this is why we need tort reform. In May of 2016, police in Casper WY received a call about a man allowing some very young children to drive a vehicle in a parking lot that is empty. No big deal but they seemed to think that there's an issue.

Officer Garrett and officer Carlson responded to the scene with officer Garrett arriving first. She contacts David Wolosin, who is in the passenger seat of the vehicle. A 3-year-old is driving the vehicle. Wolosin exits the vehicle as officer Carlson arrives and tells them he is just letting his niece and nephew have some fun in an empty parking lot. I believe the other child is 5 or 6 years old. It wasn't a big deal and officers Garrett and Carlson we're just going to give Wolosin a warning and leave. They just wanted to make sure that Wolosin was not in some way intoxicated or impaired. Wolosin was at first cooperative but when they asked to conduct a field sobriety test, he moved to the rear of his vehicle and put his hand behind his back about his beltline. Officer Carlson took a couple of steps toward him when Wolosin pulled the gun and began shooting.

Those of us that are capable of thinking critically when we hear 'experts' tell us anything have long wondered about the claim that man's activities are destroying the planet. Back in the 1970s when these arguments first started appearing I was scared, like any 10-year-old. But as time passed and I learned to question everything, not to mention that none of the predictions were coming true, I began to calm down.

Those that make a lot of money off of scaring the ignorant masses have continued to push the narrative that our activities are doing to the planet what billions of years of real catastrophes and natural activities have not been able to accomplish. It has cost you and me billions of dollars.Over the last few weeks more and more real scientists, including some at NASA, have published papers refuting the claims about greenhouse gases, the need for a switch to renewable energy sources, and the real causes of climate change.These articles have taken on the plausible sounding theories put out by the CRU, AOC, Al Gore, et al.

I read one article published by Dr. Marc Imsides discusses the idea that increased amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are causing the oceans to increase in temperature and thus melt the polar ice caps and glaciers thus increasing ocean water levels, blah blah blah.

Dr. Marc's paper discusses a lot of the math that proves this theory is incorrect. I won't bore you with the math but suffice it to say that the amount of energy needed in the atmosphere that would raise the temperature of the oceans by 1 degree Celsius cannot be reached. He likens it to filling your bathtub with cold water then trying to heat the water by placing several space heaters around the rim of the tub. It is likely that you would never get the water to the desired temperature for a comfortable bath.

Then on to one of the favorite solutions of the climate change alarmists; electric vehicles. ISO, a European think tank, refuted several studies that claim electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly than fossil fueled vehicles. This study assumes that carbon dioxide and similar gases produced by fossil-fueled autos are a bad thing for the climate.

What they found is that most scientific studies supporting that conclusion omitted some key factors, such as where the electricity to charge the vehicles was generated, or the process of producing the vehicles, especially the batteries. When you add all of that information to the equation, the results are interesting to say the least.

A Tesla Model 3, touted as a zero-emissions vehicle, actually produces 156-181 grams of CO2 per KM driven. The variance depends upon coal-fired electrical generation plants or generating stations that may be powered by fossil fuels rather than 'renewable' energy modalities. In comparison, a Mercedes C class diesel engine vehicle produces 141 grams of CO2 per KM driven.

If you decide to bring these facts to the attention of your organic-loving, hemp-wearing friends, do so gently. In my experience those self-proclaimed 'tolerant,' all-loving and accepting liberals will likely react violently towards you. Rest easily knowing that when you fire up your diesel-powered Dodge Ram, you are doing more for the environment than Elon Musk's lemmings.

It is clear that we have forgotten that our nation is a Republic. There are so many examples of this that I probably could write about nothing else in this column for the next year. But one of the most glaring examples is the kowtowing that we do to minority groups. We have become a nation that goes beyond protecting the rights of minority groups to letting them control not only the narrative but also the way we act as a society.

Now some of you reading this will think that I am going to be bigoted or advocate for discriminating against minority groups. You could not be further from the truth, but I would imagine that nothing I will say would change your opinion. That's fine because my actions throughout my life have proven otherwise.

Tell me again how the liberal mind works? Governor MLG has proposed making university educations free to NM students. We still have to pay the faculty, staff, administration, and costs of keeping the doors open, so where does that money come from? Taxes. in this cases, taxes on oil and gas companies. Two problems with that idea: first, Governor Moonbeam Jr. is doing her best to get rid of the fossil fuel industry in NM. For you public school graduates, that means they won't be able to collect taxes to pay for your public university education. Secondly, those companies will pass on the cost to, you know who, the consumer. That means you and I. We probably aren't taxed as much as Californians are, but she's getting us closer.

There is more evidence that Joe Biden used his position to not only enrich his son's company, but that he leveraged U.S. aid to stop an investigation into corruption involving his son than there is that President Trump committed any impeachable offense. Why aren't we investigating Joe Biden? You know.

I once told a friend while planning our annual boy's golf trip that which course we played didn't really matter; it was the memories we would make that we'd remember the most. Unless of course we were playing Pebble Beach or St. Andrews but you get the idea.

This morning I will be honored as an inductee into the WNMU Athletic Hall of Fame with the Pioneering Spirit Award. I spent 17 years as the 'Voice of the Mustangs' as well as serving on the Hall of Fame committee, emcee of the annual induction ceremony, and much more.

I never got paid and we never made money off of the broadcasts but that wasn't the reason I kept doing it, My wife was probably right when she said that I needed to get paid given the amount of time I spent broadcasting, traveling, attending practices and so on. But I've taken away so much from the experiences.

Live from Silver City

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